About us

Short case study

Nominativus – Who? What?

The Eagle Language Centre was established in 2016 in response to the demand of a group of linguistic enthusiasts who were not interested in the commercial approach to the organization of language courses, practiced at the time by the majority of entities on the foreign language school market.
Our main goal was to create something on the borderline between a language lab and a café, bringing together enthusiasts and professional linguists, people who want to learn and want to teach a foreign language in an informal, even homely, atmosphere.

Genitivus – Of whom? Of what?

At first, we focused on teaching Polish as a foreign language. We were guided by the idea of helping, supporting and integrating foreigners coming to Wrocław to study or work, sometimes with whole families, completely lost in Polish reality. Curious, but often terrified by the prospect of learning one of the most difficult languages in the world, which is Polish. It turned out that standard course books do not meet the most important task for an ex-pat – to acquire communicative competence in a foreign language as soon as possible. This is how we established another of the pillars of our activity – an effective language course is one that is ‘tailor-made’.

Dativus – To whom? To what?

It was contact with people from different parts of the world that opened our eyes to how much information about culture, way of thinking and looking at reality is coded in our native languages. The desire to explore this topic led us a few years ago to open the first Portuguese course in Brazilian at our school, run by friends of the school for friends of the school, who are with us and support us to this day.

Over time our offer has also been extended to include Spanish, French and Dutch. Today we dedicate language courses to children, young people and adults at all levels. Both individual and corporate clients.

Accusativus – Who? What?

In addition to various types of language courses, we also offer translation services, relocation consulting and speech therapy sessions.

We regularly organize trips and meetings with culture and foreign languages.

Instrumentalis – (With) whom? (With) what?

We are passionate about foreign languages and specialists in this field: philologists, native speakers, teaching methodologists, educators, university teachers and examiners. We boast high qualifications, confirmed by diplomas and certificates, and our activities are supported by many years of experience.

Locativus – About whom? About what?


I love this place great location, fantastic atmosphere created by the owner of this place, great teachers – I attend Portuguese and I wouldn’t trade this place for any other. Pola makes sure that everyone is happy (making sure that the days and hours of classes fit most), integrated (organizing film evenings where we can get to know each other better by polishing the language taught), allows you to record classes when someone is absent so the students are not “in the back with material”. I recommend from the bottom of my heart this place 🙂 guarantees that learning here will become more pleasant 🙂


I highly recommend to choose EAGLE Polish Center if you would like to take a challenge and learn Polish. The atmosphere is really friendly and cosy, you feel like at home. Classes are interactive, composed of small groups of people, your questions are addressed and answered. The teaching method Pola uses is created on her own and is really practical. School occasionally organizes various meetings/trips where people can create network between each other. And last but not least… Pola – is the most positive person I have ever met in my lifetime, so hard working and loving the job she is doing! That’s how it should be in my opinion. Please continue same way! So by choosing this school you won’t regret and will benefit at most, I am pretty sure!

Vocativus – Oh, Eagle!

Today we are enjoying our thriving language house. You will find us in an intimate studio, located in the attic of one of the historic buildings, in the heart of Wroclaw. We work from 8:00-20:00 Monday to Friday and from 10:00-12:00 on Saturdays.