Portuguese Language

Portuguese Language

Portuguese Language

Portuguese Language

Portuguese Language

Do you know that the Portuguese language is spoken by up to 260 million people around the world according to the latest statistics? Do you want to be one of them? Our school is probably the only place in Wroclaw where you can achieve this goal, and Portuguese will be taught by native Brazilians.



A textbook to start with? What textbook! Worksheets created by our teachers are much more accessible, interesting and effective. During the first stages of the course, we use our own original materials – a professional methodologist supervised the assembly of each one – and we also improve them on an ongoing basis so that you can make the most of your time in class.

In the next stages of the course, we use Portuguese textbooks available in Poland or brought from Brazil, authentic text and audiovisual materials. We translate grammar using tables, diagrams, infographics and diagrams we have created. Moreover, in our ever-growing library you will find Brazilian board games, leaflets, books and comics.

We work with a communicative approach, but we don’t forget to practice together and separately all the skills that make up a foreign language.



We teach youth and adults at all levels:

I. Básico 1 e 2,

II. Intermediário 1 e2,

III. Avanςado 1 e 2

You’re not sure what your level is? Contact us and we will send you our proprietary Teste de Nivelamento and invite you to a noncommittal trial lesson.



Our Portuguese team consists of professional philologists and native speakers. The Portuguese language is quite quickly becoming the one in which you communicate most comfortably. A total immersion in the language is possible so quickly, mainly due to the inability to communicate with the teacher in your native language at a later stage of learning.



We regularly organize music meetings with Brazilian film, cuisine and others, attended by our students and friends from Portugal and Brazil. It is a great opportunity to make new interesting friends and talk in Portuguese. We are delighted that we can actively participate in promoting the Brazilian language and culture in Wroclaw and that more and more people are interested in these activities!



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