Language Courses

Why signing up for our course will be one of your best decisions?  



Our school is full of great people, like you!

Learn a new language and discover cultures among enthusiasts from different parts of the world.

We turn you over to specialists: linguists, examiners, native speakers.

We love the spontaneous interaction in the language you are learning; this does not change the fact that your learning process is carefully planned and constantly tested. Your success will not be a coincidence.

Out of the box sollutions!

We teach creatively, provide original materials, start interesting discussions, activate speaking through original language games.

We’re much more than a language school.

There is nothing more satisfying than the possibility of using a foreign language in communication situations. That’s why you can participate in additional language classes and events in our centre for free.

We serve veeeeeery good coffee; most often accompanied by snacks known and loved in Poland or brought from the farthest corners of the world.





Learning should be satisfactory and effective, so we do our best to ensure that nothing interferes with it:

      • micro groups
      • one and only ‘cafe’ vibe
      • informal atmosphere conducive to creating a unique language community
      • air-conditioned space
      • good access to the school by public transport
      • free parking spots
      • the option to get to your place of work



  • standard course
  • specialist course
  • intensive course
  • certificate course



At our Centre you usually pay for your language courses in equal monthly instalments, in advance, by the 5th of each month. Sometimes you want to pay straight away for a whole semester or just for a package of meetings – of course we make this possible.

We like your convenience, so you can pay for your lessons on the spot – by card or cash, or by bank transfer to this account number:

73 1950 0001 2006 5723 1455 0001




Lesson Length 60 min 90 min
Number of people
1 person 110 PLN 140 PLN
2 persons 55 PLN 75 PLN
3 persons 45 PLN 55 PLN
4 persons   45 PLN
5-6 persons 40 PLN