State Certificate Examination in Polish as a Foreign Language – Preparatory Workshops and Trial Exam



The next session of State Certificate Examinations in Polish as a Foreign Language is coming. Are you a candidate? Yes? If so, this offer may interest you:

We’ve prepared 2 amazing weekends of intensive workshops for you. In 20 hours of education we’ll go through all state exam parts -> listening comprehension, grammatical correctness, reading comprehension, writing and speaking. We’ll introduce you to the most important exam strategies and tell you what the exam looks like, what you can expect, what you should focus on – as we believe that mental preparation is one of the keys of how to do the exam well
Also, you’ll receive detailed feedback on what you should improve before the exam, as you still have a time guys! You’ll build with us you bank of exam topic vocabulary and it’ll be probably the last chance to have some professional grammar explanations
We invite you to increase your chances of obtaining a certificate!

Schedule*: April 14,15, 21, 22 -> 20h
Cost: 600 PLN (food and beverages included)
Registration options: by our website’s contact form, e-mail at or by phone at + 48 519 807 774

* Please write us to get a detailed schedule of workshops.

! It’s possible to arrange also one to one tutorship, if you don’t want to study in the group or you need only few meetings.






What is your probability of passing the exam?
Don’t guess, just come and check yourself. You’re risking over 600 PLN and your time. The next exam session will take place only in autumn. Can you afford not passing?

Over 2 days we’ll reproduce the Certificate Examination in Polish as a Foreign Language using the genuine exam structure.

Saturday (May 12th):
4 parts, replicating the exam process:

● Listening comprehension (25 min)
● Reading comprehension (45 min)
● Grammatical correctness (45 min)
● Writing (75 min)

Sunday (May 13th):
Speaking (15 min)


After your exam you’ll meet with us, actual examiners, and we’ll analyze your responses. We’ll identify your errors and help you to focus on which areas to target for improvement.

Date: May 12-13
Cost: 200 PLN


Wakacje z holenderskim

Serdecznie zapraszamy na wakacyjne KURSY JĘZYKA HOLENDERSKIEGO 🙂 od czerwca do września będziemy realizować krótkie intensywne (1/2/3 tygodniowe) kursy oraz kursy standardowe (3 miesiące). Otwieramy już też zapisy na kursy od września.

Spotkania mają miejsce w siedzibie szkoły przy ul. Racławickiej 15 i odbywają się w kameralnych, komfortowych grupach (max. do 4 osób w grupie). Zajęcia prowadzi dyplomowana lektorka będąca jednocześnie DWUJĘZYCZNYM NATIVE SPEAKEREM języków polskiego i holenderskiego!  Continue reading Wakacje z holenderskim


Summer in Polish

Hi! Are you ready to learn some Polish? 😀 It doesn’t matter if you’re a total beginner or you’ve almost mastered beautiful Polish language – come and check out what I’ve prepared for you.

What we offer

– one on one and group lessons (2 or 2-4 people)

standard courses
– intensive courses
– survival courses (communication courses)
– preparatory courses (for University candidates and for those, who want to take the State Certificates in Polish – trust me. I am an examiner ;))
– fast line courses for Slavic lgs speakers

Continue reading Summer in Polish